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The whole village is like one big park in itself.

It is so easy to take a mental break to relax and de-stress by taking a walk around the neighborhood.
Timberlake is its biggest green space in itself with its cathedral-like silver maples arching over our streets, lush green lawns, and islands with park benches intertwined between our streets.

Timberlakes two small parks serve several important functions, by providing places of respite, where residents may stop and take a few minutes to refresh themselves. Simply sit on a park bench and watch the lake lap back and forth while daydreaming or push your grandkids on the swings or merry-go-round.

Our neighborhood parks create a sense of place for our community, both with picnic pavilions and many features you will enjoy. Get together with your friends and family in these green spaces where you can get active with outdoor fun and games or eat dinner at a picnic table in the park instead of in front of the TV.

These spaces are ideal for free or low-cost physical activities, for all ages and fitness levels…from Bocce Ball to Basketball and Sunbathing and Sled riding…Timberlake parks provide lots of open space for fun and relaxation and some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world!

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