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The Mayor, Council and Departments, work together to serve.

Concerned residents are able to access Meeting Minutes

Minutes are the Official Record of Council and Committee Meetings and the decisions made.

They are:

  • a legal record
  • a public document
  • a very important record of village government

The minutes of each meeting need to be:

  • an accurate historical recording of the decisions made at the meeting in question
  • concisely written in a consistent, readable format
  • made available to the public

If you are a resident who is concerned with getting a fuller experience and understanding of what goes on in village government, then it is important to attend Council Meetings where you will be able to hear firsthand as well as participate in the Public Portion of the meeting.

The minutes do not need to be verbatim of proceedings and there is no legal requirement to have a full transcript or even a summary of statements. The main requirement is that local government resolutions are clear.

Village Council Meeting Minutes are published in the Timberlake Times.

Latest Meeting Minutes:

View all council minutes

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