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The whole village is like one big park in itself.

The Village Hall is a shared community asset

The Renter (person responsible by signature on agreement) assumes responsibility for all damages and cleaning costs, which may be incurred during the Rental Period, therefore Security Deposits are withheld pending inspection of the facility following the event. Any repairs or replacement costs will be withheld from the Security Deposit, with any additional balances remaining the responsibility of the renter.

All FEES must be Paid by Check. Make Checks out to: “The Village of Timberlake“. Cash is NOT acceptable.

Events where alcohol is served REQUIRE a Police Presence at $35 per hour, payable directly to the Officer by the renter (person responsible by signature on agreement) at the time of the event.

NOTE: Police officer start time is scheduled one-half hour prior to scheduled event time.

…the Hall must be returned to a pre-rental state of cleanliness at the end of rental period

All events MUST conclude by Midnight.

Village Hall • Weekdays • Monday through Friday

HalfDay Day8AM until 6PM$100$100
HalfDay Evening6PM until Midnight6 Hrs Max$125$100
FullDay All Day8AM until Midnight$175$100

Village Hall • Weekends • Sat., Sun., and Holidays

HalfDay Day8AM until 6PM$175$100
HalfDay Evening6PM until Midnight6 Hrs Max$225$100
FullDay All Day8AM until Midnight$275$100

Pavillion Only • Any Day

Any DayAll Day8AM to Midnight$60$50

Pavillion with Restroom Access • Any Day

Any DayAll Day8AM to Midnight$75$50

Hall Rental Process for Timberlake Residents Only

  • Step 1: Renters MUST call Cindy Hardwick to Reserve the Date and Time of their event. The Hall is rented on a first come first served basis.*
  • Cindy can be contacted at:
    (440) 823-0486
  • Step 2: Your event will be “penciled in” as “RESERVED” on the Events Calendar.
  • Step 3: Rental agreement and deposit must be received within 3 days to SECURE your BOOKING:
    • Drop off your Completed Rental Agreement and Security Deposit to the gray mailbox @ 41 E. Shore Blvd. within 21 days.
  • Step 4: As soon as Step 3 is complete, your event will be shown as “HALL BOOKED” on the Events Calendar.
  • Step 5: PAY the Rental FEE no later than TEN DAYS  PRIOR to your Rental Date.
  • Step 6: The KEY the the Hall will be provided the morning of your event, and must be returned immediately after the conclusion of your event. The keys can be picked up and returned to the gray mailbox at 41 East Shore
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