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High quality services and amenities have a direct impact on residents...equaling a high quality of life in Timberlake.

The village has a staff of Service Department workers and Groundskeepers who take great care to keep our village streets, parks, playground, ball field, beach and hall grounds BEAUTIFUL.

  1. We plow and salt the village roads during our cold winter months.
  2. We mow and weed whack the villages many islands and both parks.
  3. We plant grass seed and sometimes even flowers.
  4. We fix ruts alongside the roads, pick up landscaping debris, fallen branches, and garbage throughout the village public property.
  5. We rake up leaves and dig out debris from the sewers to keep them free flowing.
  6. We keep the grounds of our Parks planted and manicured.

The Service Department Facility houses and features:

  • a Workshop and Storage Building with a large secured fenced in work yard
  • a get-around Gator Utility Vehicle that our Service Department workers use for small jobs, it is especially useful because it can go where a standard pick-up truck cannot
  • a Pick-Up Truck with a huge dump truck bed and Snowplow attachments
  • various Tools

Mayor John Marra is the Official responsible for operation and legislation relating to the Timberlake Service Department.

John can be contacted at:
(440) 253-9480

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