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Small groups focused and efficient in providing counseling and advice to handle specific issues and tasks.

The Village of Timberlake Ordinance Review Committee is formed to review ordinances and may recommend changes and review ordinances that are under purview.

The key elements of the Committee’s mission are to review approved Ordinances, suggest and draft Ordinance revisions, and present their recommendations for consideration to Council.

The Ordinance Review Committee holds meetings as needed and governs its meetings activities.

The Ordinance Review Committee serves in an advisory capacity and resource to the Mayor and Council on all matters relating to legislative proposals, proposed new ordinances or resolutions, and any items of a legislative nature which come from the office of the Mayor, members of Council, Council as a whole, any department head or employee, or from any citizens group or individual citizens in the Village of Timberlake.

Furthermore, the Committee can entertain and discuss legislative amendments that are discovered by the Committee through their own investigation or observation, and there shall be no limitation on the types of
legislation that is capable of being reviewed by the Committee.

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