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Neighborhoods are the backbone to our community

Whether you are just starting out, downsizing to enjoy your retirement years, or something in between, the village of Timberlake has something for everyone.

…neighborhoods are the backbone to our community and the village continuously strives to bring people together in large and small ways.

Maybe you have just moved in and have a bunch of questions.

Village government isn’t just about passing legislation, but rather, it’s about how we can make our community stronger, together. Please take a moment to learn about the services here on our website that are provided to make life better here for residents.

Have you have lived here for 30 or more years and you want to share a bit of history. Either way – if you have suggestions of helpful content to include, please send them to The Village Club. We have received many helpful suggestions already, but know there are more ideas out there!

Please send to:

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