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…doing our part to Keep the Village Beautiful!

Traditionally, in a city’s local government structure, Mayors oversee a city’s main Departments, including the Police, Fire, Education, Housing and Transportation Departments. At the same time, their responsibilities vary depending on the structure.

In the case of the Village of Timberlake, our Mayor, John Marra, oversees the Police, Service, Financial,
and Building Departments, as well as Employees and other Officials, including:

  • Village Solicitor – Jeremy Iosue
  • Police Chief – Sue Scofield
  • Fiscal Officer – Joanne Clapp
  • Council Secretary – Sunny Parihar
  • Maintenance Inspector of Building – Gary Gray
  • Property Code Official – Kim Saba
  • Service Department Employees

Council Members are in charge of the Legislative Processes of the city, while the Mayor is responsible for all the Administrative Duties, in which he/she has significantly more authority.

The Mayor is responsible for hiring and firing staff, may have veto power and is responsible for implementing legislation passed by the Council.

The Mayor is responsible for ceremonial duties and may have some legislative power as well.

Safety is overseen by Councilwoman Dr. Sharma, along with the Mayor, and
Police Chief Sue Scofield.

The Service Department is overseen by our councilwoman Nancy Marra and our Mayor and is responsible for maintaining village infrastructure, including keeping roadways clear and snow removal by our service crews. The department also maintains our parks, including grass cutting.

The Finance Department is overseen by Councilman Stanley Roediger. Joanne Clapp is our Fiscal Officer, directing the financial operations for the village, along with the Mayor. The Department’s responsibilities for fiscal operations of the village include:

  • Accounts payable
  • Cash management
  • Debt administration
  • Investing
  • Municipal income tax
  • Real estate tax
  • Updating billing information
  • and Preparing for annual State Audits.
  • Records Retention

We look forward to serving our residents, and welcome feedback and questions.

The Village Hall is overseen by Councilwoman Krista Kanuch.

Village Storm Sewers are overseen by Councilwoman Shannon Sharma with the help of Mayor Marra.

Village Parks, Trees and Recreation are overseen by Councilwoman Nancy Marra.

Councilwoman Cynthia Hardwick will be leading with his knowledge and experience in our committee on grants for avenues of revenue to maintain the security and beauty of our village.

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