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The Mayor, Council and Departments, work together to serve.

The Village of Timberlake was incorporated in the year 1947, and is a non-chartered or statutory village, requiring the Village to operate under the Ohio Revised Code for villages.

The Statutory Composition and Structure of the Village Council

The legislature of a statutory village in Ohio is composed of six members elected at large for overlapping terms of four years. The mayor of a village is also the statutory president of the legislative authority and presides at all regular and special meetings but has no vote except in case of a tie. At the first meeting in January, the village council elects a president pro temp-ore who serves a one-year term. The president pro temp-ore performs the duties and has the same powers as the Mayor in the Mayor’s absence.

Members of the Village Council must have resided in the Village for one year prior to election and may not hold any other public office, be interested in any contract with the Village, or hold employment with the Village, except that the member may be a notary public, be a member of the state militia, or volunteer firefighter for the village, provided that the member does not receive any compensation for services as a volunteer firefighter. The residency requirement was reaffirmed by the state legislature in an amendment effective in 1981. The Village Clerk is elected for a term of four years, attends all meetings of the Village Council, and keeps the record of the Council proceedings and of all rules, by-laws, resolutions and ordinances, which shall be subject to the inspection of all interested perso n s. In the case of the absence of the Village Clerk, the Village Council shall appoint one of its members to perform the Clerk’s duties.

The Clerk’s position can be combined with the Treasurer’s position, as it is in the Village of Timberlake, making the position that of Clerk/Treasurer. The Clerk Treasurer is responsible for the overseeing of Village expenditures and all record keeping related to the Village. The Village can also create the Fiscal Officer position to perform the duties of the Clerk/Treasure. Timberlake Council created this position in 2015. The Mayor is responsible for the administrate duties associated within the Village; the Council is responsible for the legislative duties associated within the Village. All elected positions are part time, the Mayor,Fiscal Officer, and Council work closely together in providing the residents the best services possible.

Committee Chair:
Councilwoman Cynthia Hardwick

Committee Chair
Councilwoman Nancy Marra

Committee Chair:
Councilman Ryan Konrad

Committee Chair:
Councilman Kevin Thompson

Committee Chair:
Councilwoman Margaret Joyce

Committee Chair:
Councilman Jerry Joyce

Fiscal Officer:
John H. Roskos


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