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The Mayor, Council and Departments, work together to serve.

Council Meeting Procedure

The Mayor invites all to stand to face the flag to recite the Pledge Allegiance to the Flag.

Everyone is seated.

Regular Session: Opened

The Mayor, Council, Law Director, Fiscal Officer, and Secretary conduct village business.

Minutes taken of this portion of the meeting are published in The Timberlake Times.

Each Council Person takes their turn to report any news, updates, and/or pertinent information regarding their area of responsibility.

Legislation, Resolutions, and/or Ordinances are considered for adoption, and may be voted on.

Occasionally, during the Council Meeting, and Special Meetings as well, an Executive Session may be held. These Sessions are held in private with various members. After these Sessions, everyone is regrouped, and the public portion of the Council Meeting continues.

Purchase and Approvals to be voted on.

When all village business has been completed, the regular session of meeting is adjourned.

Regular Session: Closed

Public Portion: Opened

The attending public is invited to ask any additional questions they may have for Council. The Mayor, Council, Law Director, Fiscal Officer, and Secretary will respond with answers to questions presented during this session.  Answers to questions asked by the Public from  Public Portion of meeting are discussed and/or provided.

Public Portion: Closed

The Mayor strikes the gavel and calls the Council Meeting adjourned.

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