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Zoning/Maintenance  Inspector Gary Gray (216) 316-0896

All residents needing to obtain a Garage Sale or Building Permit need to FIRST CONTACT  Gary Gray @ 216-316-0896 the Timberlake Zoning/Maintenance Inspector.

The Zoning Inspector is responsible for enforcing the zoning ordinances of the village of Timberlake, as well as registering contractors.


All residents are required to obtain a Building Permit before commencing the erection, construction, installation, enlargement, raising, alteration, repair, or removal of any building, structure, wall or heating, gas fitting, electrical, house drainage, plumbing, or elevator work or any part thereof in the Village.

Village Council passed legislation adopting the Ohio Residential Building Code and to authorize the Lake County Building Department to provide Building Permits and perform inspections regarding various types of renovations and construction, effective January 1, 2007.

The position of Timberlake Building Inspector has been eliminated, and the position of Timberlake Zoning/Maintenance Inspector has been created.

The Timberlake Zoning/Maintenance Inspector is authorized to issue some Building/Improvement Permits, and will be able to assist you with obtaining your permit from the Lake County Building Department if necessary. You can contact the County Building Department at 440-350-2636 or 440-918-2636

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Contractor Registration

Residential Improvement Permit011 

 Timberlake Zoning/Maintenance Inspector:   Gary Gray      216-316-0896

Property Maintenance Inspector: VACANT if you have a problem to report or are interested in this position contact Mayor Roskos @ 440-796-9730

The Maintenance Inspector has responsibility for enforcing the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code, which the Village has adopted. The Code addresses maintenance of residential grounds and structures, with the goal of enforcing proper upkeep of residential properties. The inspector will initiate contacts based on street view inspections of properties in the village as well as in response to resident inquiries, or complaints. A copy of the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code is maintained at the village hall and is available for review upon request. The full text of the International Property Maintenance Code, 2012 is available Here