Tree Commission and Landscaping

…Planting, Maintenance, and Removal of Trees

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A Tree Conservation Program for the Village is hereby established, under the direction of the Lake County Extension Service, for the fertilization, pruning and repairing of any and all tree wounds on existing shade trees in public areas within the Village.

The Village, as part of its Tree Conservation Program, for purposes of controlling the blight and disease of shade trees within public right-of-ways and on public property, shall assume complete responsibility for the purchase, planting, maintaining, trimming and removing shade trees in and along the streets of the Village, growing now or hereafter, and on public property/area of the Village.


The Village shall actively seek financial aid from any and all local, State and Federal agencies to provide economic support for the foregoing Village Tree Conservation Program.


The Village of Timberlake Tree Conservation and Landscaping Commission was established in 1986 consisting of the Mayor, the Chairperson of the Recreation Committee of Council, and a minimum of three and a maximum of five resident volunteers.

provide for the issuance of permits for the planting, maintenance and removal of any and all trees in public places within the Village and, further, shall provide for the pruning and removal of any and all trees on private property which endanger the public safety.

The Duties of the Tree Conservation and Landscaping Commission are:

• To study the problems and determine the needs of the village in connection with the Tree Conservation Program

• To recommend the types and kinds of trees and landscaping to be planted on village property

• To assist village Officials in the dissemination of the guidelines set forth by the Urban Foresters of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources

• To advise residents in regulating the planting, pruning or removal of village trees