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Board of Public Affairs


ROBERT SMITH                              440-944-1148

MIKE DRAGAS                                440-951-6054

RUTH ALEXANDER                       440-951-7497


In each village in which a  public utility is situated, or when the legislative authority thereof orders a utility to be constructed, or to be leased or purchased from any individual, company, or corporation, or when such legislative authority determines to establish a schedule of rates or charges of rents for use of the sewerage system and sewage pumping, treatment, and disposal works of the village, such legislative authority shall establish a board of trustees of public affairs, which shall consist of three members who are residents of the village.

When the legislative authority establishes such board, the mayor shall appoint the members thereof, subject to the confirmation of the legislative authority. The successors of such appointed members shall be elected at the next regular election of municipal officers held in the village which occurs more than one hundred days after the appointment.

In case of a vacancy in such board from death, resignation, or otherwise, it shall be filled for the unexpired term by appointment by the mayor, subject to confirmation by the legislative authority.

The Committee is responsible for legislation relating to the Timberlake’s Sanitary Sewer System and works with the  Mayor in regards to maintenance and replacement of the system .