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…find codes to Help you to Comply with Village Property Maintenance Codes and Ordinances

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In order to keep The Village of Timberlake’s property values as well as rents competitive in the marketplace, it is clear that owners and occupants need to pay special attention to complying with Codified Ordinances and Property Maintenance Codes.

This need is ever increasing as the homes in the village grow older.

Village leaders have committed themselves to residents by not only complying with these codes and ordinances but by setting the example of going above and beyond in their own homes.

A copy of the most up-to-date hard copy of the Village of Timberlake Codified Ordinances along with the International Property Maintenance Code Book is maintained at the village hall and is available for review upon request and can also be viewed online.

Search: The Village of Timberlake Codified Ordinances

Search: The 2018 International Property Maintenance Code Book

*This and/or any other information and/or documents that appear on this site may not reflect the most current adopted by the Village, including all since the last update (printed or electronic).