Property Maintenance

We are a small, but mighty little village. A gem among the jewels along our beautiful Lake Erie.

Every person that comes through says, “Oh, Timberlake is so beautiful!”

In order to keep our village competitive in the marketplace of property values and rents, it is clear that owners and occupants

need to pay special attention to complying with the villages codified ordinances and property maintenance codes.

This need is ever increasing as the homes in the village grow older.

Village leaders have committed to setting the example for the residents of the village

by not only complying with the villages codes and ordinances in our own homes, but by going above and beyond.

Your cooperation in helping to maintain our village is sincerely appreciated.

 The Timberlake Times will publish a monthly Property Maintenance Column.

The Village of Timberlake addresses minimum Property Maintenance Standards for the exterior of residential dwelling units,

grounds, and/or structures, with the goal of enforcing proper upkeep of residential properties by using the

International Property Maintenance Code Book,

adopted by the village in 2011 with the passage of Ordinance 2011-15,

and the Village of Timberlake Codified Ordinances.

A copy of the most up-to-date hard copy of the Village of Timberlake Codified Ordinances

along with the International Property Maintenance Code Book

is maintained at the village hall and is available for review upon request.


for the full text of the International Property Maintenance Code Book


to search the Village of Timberlake Codified Ordinances

The Property Maintenance Inspector is responsible for enforcing these Codes and Ordinances.

The Inspector will initiate contacts based on street view inspections of properties in the village,

as well as in response to resident inquiries, and/or complaints.

If you have a problem to report contact: Mayor John P. Roskos at 440-796-9730

Christine Janz, Property Maintenance Inspector at 440-364-3296

Please leave a detailed message along with your contact information.