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…all residents and contractors must obtain a PERMIT before beginning your Build, Improvement Project, or Remodel.

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All Residents and Contractors are required to obtain a Permit before commencing the • erection • construction • installation • enlargement • raising • alteration • repair or the • removal of any • building • structure • wall or • heating • gas fitting • electrical • house drainage • plumbing or • elevator work or • any part thereof in the Village.

Timberlake Zoning & Maintenance Inspector Gary Gray is the Official responsible for the enforcement of Zoning Codes and Ordinances, for Registering Contractors, and for Issuing some Building/Improvement Permits.*

Step 1 )    Contact Gary Gray at (216) 316-0896 or by email.

Step 2 )    Discuss Project to Determine Permit Type.

Step 3 )    Mr. Gray will provide you with instructions and timelines, where to pick-up your Permit, where to drop-off FEE, etc…**

Step 4 )   SUBMIT all PERMIT FEES to Mr. Gray.**

Step 5 )   FEES must be Paid by Check.

Make Checks out to: “The Village of Timberlake“.  Cash is NOT acceptable.

Step 6 )    DISPLAY your Permit at your site.

**Mr. Gray will advise you if it is necessary for you to obtain your Permit from the Lake County Building Department. Gary will assist you or you have the option to contact the LCBD directly at: 440-350-2636 If it is determined that you must acquire your Permit from the LCBD, FEES are to be Paid directly to the LCBD.

The Village of Timberlake Permits and Forms

For Forms and Permits CLICK on the individual forms below:

Building Permit Procedure Form: Building Permit Procedure Form

Contractor Registration: Contractor Registration

Residential Improvement Permit: Residential Improvement Permit

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