…The Village of Timberlake Government provides services focused on policy issues that are open to the needs and wishes of residents.

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Timberlake’s six elected/appointed Council Officials, the Mayor and Administration, and Police, Fire, and Rescue Services work hard to make Timberlake a great place to live. The Mayor’s Administrative Office handles the day-to-day management of the Village, while the the Council and Departments meet the infrastructure needs of maintaining village buildings, programs and services.

…get Involved…attend Council Meetings

The Village of Timberlake Mayor and Council believe that its people, not leaders, are what makes the Village great and actively work to encourage citizen participation in the decision-making process. Whether it is through neighborhood meetings, advisory boards and committees, telephone calls, letters, or other forms of communication  the Village Council sets policies based on observations and experience along with the input and expressed needs of its citizens.