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…all residents must obtain a PERMIT before beginning your Garage Sale

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Timberlake Zoning  Inspector Gary Gray is the Official responsible for Issuing Garage Sale Permits.*

Step 1 )    Contact Gary Gray at (216) 316-0896

Step 2 )    Discuss to Determine Permit, dates of your Garage Sale, where to pick-up your Permit, where to drop-off FEE, etc…

Step 3 )    Mr. Gray will provide you with instructions and timelines, along with your Permit.

Step 4 )   SUBMIT any PERMIT FEES to Mr. Gray.

Step 5 )   FEES must be Paid by Check.

Make Checks out to: “The Village of Timberlake“.  Cash is absolutely NOT acceptable.

Step 6 )    DISPLAY your Garage Sale Permit at your Residence.

The Village of Timberlake Garage Sale Permit and Form

Garage Sale Permit Form: Garage Sale Permit

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