| Yearly | Holiday Luminaries

…add a Festive Glow to your home and all around the village with Luminaries every Christmas Eve

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Over one thousand…yes, that is 1,000 plastic one-gallon milk jugs are converted in to this classic holiday decoration to light up the village on Christmas Eve.

This time-honored, Village Club sponsored tradition begins with your help!

We always need volunteers to fill, place, and light Luminaries on Christmas Eve all around the village on median strips and islands, along with your own Luminaries lining your driveway and the edge of your lawn along the street.

Please call Ron Mona if you are able to pitch in. Ron will assign you an area: (440) 942-2887

Materials and Instructions needed for making your own Luminaries:

Multiple One Gallon Plastic
Milk Jugs
2″ of Sand* in the Bottom of Each One 10-Hour Votive Candle in Each Knife for cutting Jug and a Lighter

1 )  Discard Cap.

2 )  Cut a “U” shaped flap in one side of the milk jug.

3 )  Fill with Sand.*

4 )  Place Candle in the Sand.*

5 )  Place Luminaries all around the village.

6 )  Light Candles on Christmas Eve at dusk.

*A limited supply of Sand is available at the Village Service Garage. Bring your own container.

Link to the Village Club Page:  Village Club Page

Link to the Village of Timberlake Village Club Facebook Page:  Village Club on Facebook