Boards & Commissions

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Village government isn’t just about passing legislation, but rather, it’s about how we can make our community stronger, together. Please take a moment to learn about how Boards and Commissions made up of Officials and Resident volunteers make life better in Timberlake for residents.

          …Board of Public Affairs – BOPA
 The BOPA responsibility is the Maintenance and care of the Villages Sanitary Sewer System ( see Board of Public Affairs page )

          …Board of Maintenance Appeals
It shall hear and decide all questions brought before it by appeal from the Maintenance enforcing officer findings.  ( see Maintenance Commission page )

…Board of Zoning Appeals

It shall hear and decide all questions brought before it by appeal from the refusal, granting or revocation of permits by the enforcing officer or administrative commission under the Zoning Code. It shall also hear and decide all matters referred to it or upon which it is required to pass under this Chapter. ( see Planning and Zoning Commission page )

          …Planning  Commission
The Planning Commission shall make plans and maps of the whole or any portion of the Village, and of any land outside thereof, which, in the opinion of the Commission, is related to the planning of the Village, and make changes in such plans or maps when it deems it advisable. ( see Planning and Zoning Commission page )

          …Tree Commission

To assist the properly constituted officials of the Village in the dissemination of the guidelines set forth by the Urban Foresters of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources; and to advise residents of the Village as to relevant ordinances governing the Tree Conservation Program and to issue permits regulating the planting, pruning or removal of Village trees. ( see Tree Commission page )

          …Records Commission
The functions of the Records Commission shall be to provide rules for retention and disposal of records of the municipal corporation and to review applications for one-time disposal of obsolete records and schedules of records retention and disposition submitted by municipal officers.( see Records Commission page )